Upcoming Training Workshop

05 – 07/05/2017

Gila Ofer, Israel: "Dimensions of Dreams as the Matrix of Belonging to Family, Groups and Society"

Dreams exhibit the psyche's extraordinary capacity to delve into the amazing realms of the imagination. This lecture is devoted to the different aspects of the dream – the personal the relational and the social, and they present in fact a matrix of wishes and needs for belonging as well as the experience of being excluded. I will endeavor to show that the personal, the relational and the social is not a case of either/or, but complementary and enriching dimensions, which may be construed in terms of figure/ground or of what Bion referred to as "reversible perspective" or 'binocular vision' (Bion, 1970). The dream, is multi-dimensional, and can never be observed in its entirety. Every image has a background, every center - its margins, every text – its context; we can choose the focus of our gaze and we can shift our perspective, exchanging figure for ground and vise-versa. In addition to discussing these two complementary aspects, I wish to demonstrate the effect of telling the dream on those involved and what this effect can teach us.

Αθηνά Μαρούδα - Χατζούλη, GR: "Dreams and Dreaming as the Symbolic Area where Longing is Transformed into Belonging"

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